Ann Daly


Ann Daly is a diverse media artist who lives and works in New York. Her work has been reviewed or published in Cabinet Magazine, Artforum International, The Los Angeles Times, Artpress International, PAJ|Performing Arts Journal, Analogues|Anthologie de l'Art, REVIEW Magazine, LA Weekly, The New York Times, Aftonbladet, Multiplier, Voir, and other publications. She has exhibited in the US and abroad. Her installations consist of objects, images, sound, and writing. Daly participated in a discussion reconsidering Francesca Woodman's work, which was published in The Art Journal. She is an alum of the Yale School of Art (MFA) and the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, and is a recipient of a grant from Art Matters, Inc. A John Anson Kittredge Fund grant has supported work on Anti-monuments:de\tour I,2. Daly is teaching at CUNY in 2013.

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Third Nature: Anti-monuments (de/tour...), Installation view, two channel video without sound, 2012. Website content ©Ann Burke Daly, 2012

Select Publications | Reviews

Cabinet Magazine, Issue 6, Anti-Monuments (Versailles). Artists project pages,
published by Immaterial Inc., Brooklyn, New York

Performing Arts Journal, "Decoration and Detection: Ann Burke Daly" (Ann Daly),
exhibition review by George Baker, exhibition review, issue 57 (download pdf)

Artforum International XXXVI no.1, "Narrative Urge", exhibition review by George Baker (pdf)

Art Journal No.2, "Francesca Woodman reconsidered: a conversation with
George Baker, Ann Daly, Nancy Davenport, Laura Larson, and Margaret Sundell",
Roundtable organized by Margaret Sundell (pdf), 2003

The Los Angeles Times, "The Mourning After", Claudine Ise, review (pdf)

ArtPress International, "Narrative Urge at the Uppsala Konstmuseum, Sweden",
John Peter Nilsson, Paris, exhibition review.(pdf, excerpt)

Narrative Urge Exhibition Brochure, Catsou Roberts, curator,
Uppsala Konstmuseum, Sweden, 1998

The Automaton Olympia's Cabinet of Curiosities: Ann Burke Daly, catalog essay
George Baker (pdf, excerpt), Linda Kirkland Gallery, New York, New York

L' Anthologie de l' Art, Analogues Press, Hohlfeldt and Gerz, ed, 2008, France, Photography and Culture, Theory: Francesca Woodman Reconsidered:
George Baker, Ann Daly, Nancy Davenport, Laura Larson, Margaret Sundell
,February, 2009

Multiplier catalog excerpt (pdf), "Beauty will be Compulsive: Ann Burke Daly and Nancy Davenport",
Jennifer Gonzalez, publisher: La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, Montreal, Quebe

World Art, "Ann Daly and Nancy Davenport at Linda Kirkland Gallery",
Gregory Volk, review (pdf), May 1997

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, "The Mourning After",
Susette Min, catalog excerpt (pdf),1999


The Automaton Olympia's Cabinet of Curiosities: Collecting Anxieties (project).Installation views from three installations:
The Automaton Olympia Reflects (furniture, video loop, 4 channel audio), Stereoscopic Vision (2 channel audio, 2 walkmen, spliced
to a single headset, pencil tracings, chair), Sometimes Olympia Has Trouble Concentrating (the study) with Gift (from You,you,you)
Wax, furniture, pins, content ©Ann Burke Daly, 2012

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