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Drafts: Letters Unsent  |  Roman Nvmerals Books, Vol. XVII

In a blurring of the genres of memoir and fiction, Ann Burke Daly's Drafts: Letters Unsent, is a meditation on the narrator’s detective work, through unsent letters, which attempt to “make sense” of the catastrophic aftermath of WWI, WWII, and the Korean War, for her family. Radical doubt regarding documents, particularly photographs, and the active dynamic of interpretation, underscores the role of desire and psychological projection through this forensic search from snippets of narrative, papers, photographs, language, stories.

Box of Fiction  |  Roman Nvmerals Books, Vol. LVII

Ann Burke Daly’s Box of Fiction, is a photographic essay on the uncanny afterlife of objects, photographs, narratives, and biographies inherited through material and verbal fragments, and of the act of documenting—as in a crime scene— the contents of a cardboard box discovered a decade after the death of the artist’s mother. For Daly, the work of interpretation does not rest, rather it remains agitated within a palimpsest of silencing surrounding catastrophic family events.

About Ann Burke Daly's Artist Books

Box of Fiction and Drafts: Letters Unsent were published with ROMAN NVMERALS Books of Brooklyn, NY, and launched at the ICP MUSEUM NYC, and PS1 MoMA NY at NYABF a Printed Matter event. The books grew out of the anti-blog Drafts: Letters Unsent and the photo-sculpture installation work Box of Fiction: Postcard from the Sea. Printed at renowned photo book printer Meridian in RI. The books were available at Spaces Corners at the ICP MUSEUM NYC or via the ROMAN NVMERALS website, and are currently sold out. Images Below: Ann Burke Daly, Artist, on press for; Drafts: Letters Unsent  (on press photos by Marion Belanger and Tanya Marcuse). Studio Visit, Documentation, Artist's Books in Production - Studio Views and Production shots, NY Studio. 

16 pages / 6 x 8.5 in.; 8 full-spread plates; saddle-stitched softcover on Mohawk Superfine; signed edition of 20; Printed at Meridian in RI; ROMAN NVMERALS Books, Brooklyn

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