Again, Someplace Else... (Still, a Gasp, Stutter)

Polaroid photographs, steel pins

Performance events in which groupings of Polaroid Photographs are shot and processed to create an ever changing series of installations. Exhibited at White Columns, the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program Exhibition, and Trial Balloon, New York City and George Eastman Museum, Rochester NY. Installation view: Whitney Museum Independent Study Program Exhibition.

Polaroid photograph groupings from each shoot/event are  pinned like specimies by four corners, to the wall, in fractured grid configurations. Images are close-ups of the body, female-the artist herself, her mother, and several friends. Focus on orifices and other openings in the 'body boundary' - You, me.

A diagram of each installation, available on site, designates the current configuration of each grouping, with a prefix or suffix assigned to each group of Polaroids + pins.

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